“We’re all going to die because of no development”

Here at Navajo council Resources & Development Committee’s Subcommi ttee on a Proposed agreement between the Navajo Nation and URI/Uranium Resources Inc. of Texas for URI to conduct a demonstration project involving In-Situ Uranium Mining near Church Rock, N.M. Before I go any further, please excuse all typos and grammar errors and misspelling because I’m typing as fast as I can from this meeting at the Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock, Ariz. Subcommittee member are Chairperson Leonard Tsosie and Vice Chairperson Leonard Pete.

I’m thinking after I read all comments on this, I’m thinking we’re all going to die because of no development. Like we are in burning building. How do we get out of this? 75 percent of Navajo government operating budget comes from outside: federal government and states. So what happens when federal budget and state budget cuts. And why asked how could separate for URI-HRI. I know concern about health concerns but then there are other pple that say they want to develop own land.

When at Church Rock, i saw houses wrapped in plastic and it bothers me. All these leaders saying no, no but not doing anything. And all these anti-uranium pple are doing nothing. but this is real serious and when see four sites and do all these hoople dances and say no, no, no and problem still out there. why asked if big plan and all sounds like is only looking at US government and no way to force them cuz of sovereign immunity. but i think, guess looking for…Do we continue moving pple in and out of their homes when doing remediation. No one doing long term solution. At one time actually talking about declaring energy zones, fence off and help pple move away, not far far way. for Church rock, move pple to Zuni Mountains.

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