Update on Investigation of former Navajo Nation Controller Pearline Kirk, Budget & Finance, 2 pm, 8.3.21

PROPOSED AGENDA OF THE BUDGET AND FINANCE COMMITTEE OF THE NAVAJO NATION COUNCIL August 3, 2021 Work Session 2 p.m. or immediately after the Committee’s regular meeting Via Teleconference: 669 900-6833, Zoom meeting ID: 232 628 2566, Passcode: 86515
Presiding: Jamie Henio, Chairperson
Raymond Smith, Jr., Vice Chairperson

Place: Via Telecommunications, Window Rock, Navajo Nation (Arizona)
Members Present:
_ Elmer P. Begay _ Jamie Henio
Nathaniel Brown _ Raymond Smith, Jr.
Amber K. Crotty _ _ Jimmy Yellowhair

  1. Call the Meeting to Order; the Roll Call; the Invocation;
  2. Recognize Guests and Visiting Officials
  3. Review and Adopt the Agenda
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
  4. Receive Reports:
    a. Audit Overview presented by Tasha Repp, CPA, Partner with Ryan Luetkemeyer, CPA, Senior Manager, Moss Adams LLP
    • Single Audit Summary and 2020 Findings
    • Key Issues from the 2020 Audit
    • Financial Statement Analysis
    • Significant Footnotes
    • Auditor Responsibilities
    • Management’s Responsibilities
    • Follow Up on Former Controller Investigation
    • ARPA Update
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
  5. Close of the Work Session; Written Announcements; Adjournment
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
    Next Regular Meeting: August 17, 2021
    THIS AGENDA IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. The public is advised that the Navajo Nation Council Agenda and the Agendas of the Standing Committees are not final until adopted by a majority
    vote of the Navajo Nation Council or the Standing Committee at a Navajo Nation Council or a Standing Committee meeting pursuant to 2 N.N.C. §§163 and 183, Navajo Nation Council Rule of Order

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