Navajo Council continues debate on nullifying uranium subcommittee

THE NAVAJO COUNCIL CONTINUES TO DEBATE 91-14 WHICH WOULD NULLIFY AND RESCIND RESOURCES & DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE’S LEGISLATION THAT CREATED URANIUM SUBCOMMITTEE DELEGATE LEONARD TSOSIE The tribal justice department attorneys “speak with forked tongues.” if you feel so strongly about approving 91-14 then go out there with your shovels and cleanup. some of us care about […]

Navajo Council Delegate Tsosie says tribal attorneys are biased

THE NAVAJO COUNCIL CONTINUES TO DEBATE 91-14 WHICH WOULD NULLIFY AND RESCIND RESOURCES & DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE’S LEGISLATION THAT CREATED URANIUM SUBCOMMITTEE. NAVAJO JUSTICE DEPARTMENT ATTORNEY DAVID TAYLOR Attorney Carr has been working on uranium cleanup laws for numerous years with the US Environmental Protection Agency. Carr is also responsible for the Electronics settlement. TRIBAL JUSTICE […]

Navajo Council votes 5 in favor, 15 opposed to send RDC subcommittee legislation back to RDC

Navajo Council debating motion by Delegate Leonard Tsosie, who is RDC Subcommittee chairperson, and second by Delegate Roscoe Smith, who is the Resources and Development Committee vice chairperson, to defer 91-14 back to RDC. DELEGATE SMITH Since council sent back legislation to RDC, didn’t that set presedent/law regarding bypassing standing committee. AS SMITH MAKES HIS […]

Navajo Council Resources & Development Committee chairperson begs Council not to defer uranium subcommittee legislation back to RDC

The Navajo Council is now on 91-14, which is to rescind and null the RDC’s creation of uranium subcommittee. DELEGATE LORENZO CURLEY Subcommittee is illegal. To send to RDC is ploy to keep away from Coun cil which has ultimate authority over this issue. Navajo people are waiting for Council to make a decison and […]

URI CEO Chris Jones – We reserve the right to sue the Navajo Nation if the Council nullifies the uranium subcommittee

Here at Navajo Council 7:30 am meeting on Delegate Edmund Yazzie’s legislation 0091-14, which would nullify Resources and Development Committee Subcommittee on uranium. meeting at Quality Inn in Window Rock. DELEGATE DANNY SIMPSON I keep sying that LT needs to take back to council and conjuring lawsuit. Now he’s saying lawsuit, lawsuit. That 42,000 acres […]

Navajo Council meeting on Uranium Resources Inc. at 7:30 a.m., July 22, 2014

The Navajo Nation Council is having a 7:30 a.m. at the Quality Inn in Window Rock, Ariz., today, July 22, 2014, to discuss Delegate Edmund Yazzie’s LEGISLATION 0091-14, which would nullify the Resources and Development Committee’s action that created a two-member Subcomittee to draft an agreement with Uranium Resources Inc. of Texas to operate an […]

Navajo Council shuts off microphone of horseback riders

When Navajo Ben Shelly started his State of the Nation address, he asked for a moment of silence for the Navajo Code Talkers that passed away this year. And then he started his written speech. A few minutes into Shelly’s speech, Delegate Leonard Tsosie calls Point of Order and says that he can’t hear the […]

Legislation to nullify uranium subcommittee stays on Navajo Council agenda

The Council is debating the removal of Item E – LEGISLATION 0091-14Legislation 0091-14, which concerns in-situ uranium mining near Church Rock, NM. DELEGATE ROSCOE SMITH responds to a comment by Delegate Lorenzo Curley that since the Council deleted Item A, regarding federal legislation for the development of Energy on Indian lands by reducing federal regulations, […]

Navajo Council work session on URI is definitely July 18

Navajo Council Naabik’iyati Committee finally got a quorum at about 1:15 p.m. today, July 17, 2014. Delegate Walter Phelps did the innovation. And then the Committee went to Announcements. DELEGATE LEONARD TSOSIE I Talked with Delegate Edmund Yazzie to defer work session on Uranium Resources Inc. and Council action. And there might be a request […]