Navajo Transit System On The Road Again!

Greetings Relatives/Frens, The Navajo Transit System will be up and running tomorrow and serving its more than 1,042 passengers, who are primarily students attending Navajo Technical University in Crownpoint, N.M., or Dine’ College in Tsaile, Ariz. I spoke with NTS Fleet Coordinator Harrison Smith late this afternoon at the NTS headquarters in Fort Defiance, Ariz., […]

Federal shut-down shuts-down Navajo Transit System

GREETINGS RELATIVES/FRENS, I’ve been busy gathering as much information as possible on the direct impact of the government shut-down on the Navajo Nation and posting it. The most recent direct impact is from the Navajo Nation Transition System, which is the ONLY public transportation on the vast and very rural Navajo Reservation. I received it […]