President Obama’s Promise Zones

HERE AT NAVAJO COUNCIL’S WINTER SESSION DAY 1. VICE PREZ JIM FINISHED STATE OF NATION ADDRESS AND NOW DELEGATES ARE ASKING QUESTIONS. DELEGATE PHELPS Jan. 9 announcement that Choctaw Nation was among five tribes designated as Promise Zone. There are other finalists that cud have qualified, including Oglala and Fort Belnap. There is real activity […]

Delegate N. Begaye: 2 little girls are about to be extradited to California

HERE AT NAVAJO COUNCIL’S FIRST DAY OF WINTER SESSION WHERE VICE PREZ JIM FINISHED STATE OF NATION ADDRESS AND NOW COUNCIL ASKING QUESTIONS. DELEGATE LEONARD PETE Many time, the Delegates have questions about State of Nation Address and they are rarely answered. Also New Mexico has told Navajo Nation to properly account for all state […]

Nothing is being done for former Bennett Freeze

HERE AT NAVAJO COUNCIL WINTER SESSION, FIRST DAY. VICE PRESIDENT REX LEE JIM PRESENTED STATE OF NATION ADDRESS AND IS NOW FINISHED. AND NOW COUNCIL BEGINS QUESTIONS. DELEGATE TSINIGINE The money that is the Reserves need to be used to construct five badly needed chapter houses. If new Navajo Nation Department of Health is created, […]