Navajo EPA: Support TWG

Ckitzens climate lobby, Sierra Club, Physcians for Social REsponsibility (Female, didn’t catch name) NGS emits huge amounts of pollution. Utilities buy wind cheaper than coal. only place that has more sun than we do is Aruba and Az cud get 26 percent solar. 25,000 acres of land sche 6,000 megawatt solar, 30,000 temp construction jobs. […]

It is job destruction to go with coal

TIMOTHY, TUCSON CITIZEN The ppple living near NGS are suffering for our cheap power and water. EPA support ur BART. We store this water in big resovoirs so CAP adaptable to solar. i’m retired and on social security and willing to pay higher rates cuz of true cost of coal. tonight we are not talking […]

NGS supporters shud move next to NGS

DOUG BLAN christina church and religou gruop responding to climate change. remember standing edge of Grand Canyon at 12 yrs. Anxious share Grand Canyon and awed by silence of Grand Canyon of 6 million. Gushed about canyon colors, carved by wind and water and Crator with artistic flair. Doubting sons said yeah right, we’ll beleive […]

NGS emissions definitely impacts health

EPA HEARING ON NGS BART, phoenix DR, THURSTON This is very much a health issue when talking BART. Medical researchers like myself shows adverse health impacts – asthma, pre mature deaths. Took modeling and how much wud go down, 75 percent emission reductions if apply EPA BART. What benefits? For Az, avoided 500 asthma attacks, […]

Az Rep Peterson: EPA don’t repeat Trail of Tears

WARREN PETERSON, STATE REP. Modern day of Trail of Tears. 1830s sent west on pain. EPA no decern benefit and ruin lives of hundreds of Navajos and thousands of Az pple. Lose 140 million jobs. First earth moving permit which was dust control and one page and thot ridiculous. Implementation complete waste of time and […]

Navajo Nation Attorney General Tsosie supports TWG BART

Greetings Relatives/Frens, I tried posting my video on Attorney General Harrison Tsosie telling U.S. Environmental Proection Agency that he supports the Technical Working Group’s Best Available Retrofit Technology for Navajo Generating Station to reduce pollution to improve visibility. But the video was too large and so I posted it on UTube. Here is the UTube […]

Navajo Nation Energy Policy & $4.1 million for NTEC

Greetings Relatives/Frens, On Oct. 8, the Navajo Nation Council’s Resources & Development Committee takes up the proposed Energy Policy that President Ben Shelly is using to coercise the Council into approving before he signs off on Council Delegate LoRenzo Bates’ proposed legislation for $1.4 m. for Navajo Transitional Energy Company, which the Council created to […]

NGS lease: Navajo water rights not “deal killer”

By Marley Shebala (Published in Gallup Post 7-25-201. Updated 8-8-13) WINDOW ROCK – The Arizona portion of the Navajo Nation is under an extreme drought. And the New Mexico portion of the Navajo Reservation is under extreme and severe drought conditions. That’s according to the National Drought Mitigation Center, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and […]

Too many closed doors on NGS

STANDING ROCK, N.M. – Navajo Nation Council Speaker Johnny Naize had a plan to wrap up the controversial lease extension for Navajo Generating Station by June 14 but an unexpected and sad event changed that plan. Naize informed the Council in a June 12 memo that he postponed the June 14 special Council session to […]