Website for Unofficial 2018 Navajo General Election

Courtesy of the Navajo Election Administration, you may follow unofficial results of today’s Navajo Nation General Election after polls close at 7:00 p.m. by clicking on the following link: Unofficial Election Night Results – Navajo Nation General 2018 Thank you, Jared Touchin Office of the Speaker (928) 871-7160

Navajo Council special session 10-30-18

PRESS RELEASE – The 23rd Navajo Nation Council is scheduled to convene in a special session on Tuesday, Oct. 30 at 1:00 p.m. in the Council Chamber in Window Rock to consider Legislation No. 0345-18, which seeks to amend the Navajo Nation’s fiscal year 2019 Comprehensive Budget. On Sept. 4, the Navajo Nation Council unanimously […]

Navajo bill seeks to lower recall signature requirements

LEGISLATION 0239-18: An Action Relating to Law and Order, Naabik’iyati’ and the Navajo Nation Council; Amending the Navajo Nation Election Code at 11 N.N.C. § 241 (A) to lower percentage of signatures requirement on recall petitions from 60 to 30% of voters voting in last election for position in questions goes before the Navajo Nation […]

Navajo legislation addresses closure of “multiple” power plants

The Navajo Nation Council Resources & Development has LEGISLATION 0337-18: An Action Relating to Resources and Development; Establishing a Natural Resources Economic Development Subcommittee to Address the Potential Closure of Multiple Power Generating Stations and Federal Mines and to Explore Other Economic Development Opportunities on its Oct. 22, 2018, meeting PROPOSED AGENDA. Bill sponsor:is RDC Vice Chairman Benjamin Bennett. RDC […]

Navajo Council Delegate says he adopted Stanley Pollack as his tribal leader

STILL HERE AT NAVAJO COUNCIL NAABIK’IYATI COMMITTEE LEGISALTION 0256-18: AMENDING TITLE 1 ENROLLMENT PROCEDURES AT TITLE 1, NAVAJO NATION CODE, SECTIONS 701, 702, 752 AND 753 SPONSOR, DELEGATE AMBER CROTTY Had executive sessions with individuals cuz cases sealed so looked at enrollment for alternative way to become Navajo citizen. Average one to two individuals a […]

Naabik’iyati fears loss of fracking revenues

Here at Navajo Nation Council Naabik’iyati Committee, where Committee members, who are all Navajo Council Delegates, are debating Legislation 0302-18: Requesting the Navajo Nation Office of the President and Vice President, All Pueblo Council of Governors and Greater Chaco Coalition and partners to consult with Dine’ Medicine Men Association for any positions taken on fracking […]

Navajo Generating Station buyers lose interest

Upon Middle River Power Announcement, Navajo Community Calls to Redouble Efforts to Transition to Renewable Energy As Middle River Power backs away from efforts to purchase Navajo Generating Station, local Navajo community leaders issued the following statement reacting to the news: “Based on economics alone, this plant was never going to make it past 2019. […]

Protest against Navajo government’s NGS purchase

PRESS RELEASE – Navajo community members gather outside Navajo Council summer session to protest negotiations with Wall Street “vulture capitalists” on NGS WHAT: As the Navajo Nation Tribal Council convenes for its summer legislative session, members of the Navajo advocacy group Diné CARE and others will gather outside council chambers in Window Rock to voice […]

Remington rejects Navajo offer to buy firearms company

PRESS RELEASE – CONTROLLER, BUDGET AND FINANCE, SIHASIN COMMITTEES MAKE $525M CASH OFFER TO BUY REMINGTON WITHOUT PRESIDENTIAL INVOLVEMENT WINDOW ROCK, Ariz.- (7-19-18) Responding to a New York Times article that claims the Navajo Nation made an offer to buy Remington Arms Company, LLC, for approximately $525 million cash, President Russell Begaye said his office was […]

Navajo Council supports veterans housing program

PRESS RELEASE – Navajo Nation Council supports the establishment of the Navajo Veterans Housing Program WINDOW ROCK – (7-17-18) During the second day of the 2018 Summer Council Session, the 23rd Navajo Nation Council voted in support of Legislation No. 0021-18, establishing the Navajo Veterans Housing Program within the Navajo Veterans Administration. Legislation sponsor Council Delegate […]