Navajo Roads Fund Management Plan – Subject to politics?

HERE AT NAVAJO COUNCIL BUDGET AND FINANCE COMMITTEE WHERE THE COMMITTEE VOTED ON SEVERAL PIECES OF LEGISLATION WITHOUT DEBATE. THE COMMITTEE is now on LEGISLATION 0009-14: which is revisions to the Navajo Road Fund Management Plan. The B&F Committee Legislative Advisor Peggy Nakai is reading the amendments to the Roads Fund Management Plan and there […]

Budget and Finance Committee moving through agenda

HERE AT NAVAJO COUNCIL BUDGET AND FINANCE COMMITTEE. The Committee is recalling LEGISLATION 0032-14 WHICH IS THE SANCTIONING OF WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR: 2 in favor, 2 opposed and so B&F Chairperson LoRenzo Bates votes in favor of sanctions. Final VOTE IS 3 IN FAVOR, 2 OPPOSED The Committee moves on to LEGISLATION 0049-14: AGREEMENT BETWEEN […]