Rescinding Navajo Council Opposition to In-Person Learning on Naabi agenda, 10 am, 6.10.21

NAABIK’ÍYÁTI’ COMMITTEE OF THE 24th NAVAJO NATION COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING (VIA TELECOMMUNICATION)Call-in Number: (669) 900-6833, Meeting ID: 928 871 7160, Passcode: 86515Window Rock, Navajo Nation (AZ), Thursday, June 10, 2021 – 10:00 AMAPPROVED AGENDAPRESIDING CHAIR: Honorable Seth Damon, Speaker, 24th Navajo Nation CouncilHon. Seth Damon, SpeakerBUDGET & FINANCE COMMITTEE, RESOURCES & DEVELOPMENT COM., HEALTH, EDUCATION […]

Navajo attorney general: $15M for Navajo Oil & Gas illegal

Navajo Nation Attorney General Ethel Branch stated in a Dec. 26, 2018, memo to the Navajo Nation Council that Legislation 0448-18, which seeks Budget and Finance Committee approval for the Navajo Nation to invest $15 million into the Navajo Oil and Gas Company “is legally deficient and should be withdrawn.” Branch also stated, “The legislation […]

Navajo Tribal Utility Authority says power for 300 families with purchase of Rocky Mt Power

NAVAJO COUNCIL’S NAABIK’IYATI COMMITTEE DEBATING LEGISLATION 0122-15: An Action Relating To The Resources and Development Committee, Naa’bik’iyati’ Committee and the Navajo Nation Council; Accepting Agreements Between the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority and Pacificorp And Acknowledging the Satisfaction and Termination of a Letter of Agreement Between the Predecessor of Pacificorp and the Navajo Nation SPONSOR, DELEGATE […]

Audit, no Peacemaking for Navajo Oil & Gas Company

HERE AT NAVAJO COUNCIL WHERE COUNCIL CONTINUES TO DEBATE REPORT ON NAVAJO OIL AND GAS COMPANY FROM CHIEF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL LEVON HENRY. DELEGATE RUSSELL BEGAYE my question and concern is when the Council was reduced to 24, which was done because that was the will of the people, the composition of the shareholders for Navajo […]

Navajo Oil & Gas solution – More Shareholders?

HERE AT NAVAJO COUNCIL WHERE COUNCIL CONTINUES TO DEBATE REPORT ON NAVAJO OIL AND GAS COMPANY. NAVAJO CHIEF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL LEVON HENRY seating of Navajo Oil and Gas Board members – in our review, with Navajo law, procedurally, the Navajo prez makes appointment and Council confirms appointment. Understanding that there are differences of opinion on […]

Forensic audit for Navajo Oil & Gas Company?

HERE AT NAVAJO COUNCIL AT COUNCIL CHAMBERS IN WINDOW ROCK WHERE CHIEF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL LEVON HENRY ASKED COUNSEL TO GO INTO EXECUTIVE SESSION CHIEF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL LEVON HENRY Memo from my office, three exhibits – Navajo Natin Supreme Court decision “NOG v Robert Joe”, a letter from NOG Shareholders’ attorney, packet of information received from […]