Naabi very concerned about Navajo Oil & Gas Company

Here at Naabik’iyati Committee, where Delegates recommending additions to its Committee agenda. DELEGATE KATHERINE BENALLY The US Housing & Urban Development’s deadline for Navajo Housing Authority to return federal funds was Friday, Aug. 29 and so Naabi needs an update of what happened from the Navajo Washington, DC, office. DELEGATE LEONARD TSOSIE We also need […]

Navajo Council approves amendments to Navajo Oil and Gas charter

NAVAJO COUNCIL ON LEGISLATION 0352-130352-13, which is the approval of amendments to the Navajo Oil and Gas Company’s federal charter of incorporation and directing the Navajo Washington DC office to petition the Interior Secretary to issue “instated” federal charter of incorporation for Navajo Oil and Gas Company. DELEGATE LEONARD TSOSIE Not recall because this before […]

Any leasing of Navajo natural resources requires compliance with Navajo Energy Policy

HERE AT NAVAJO COUNCIL SPRING SESSION DAY 1. BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS MADE THEIR REPORT AND NOW COUNCIL DELEGATES COMMENTING ON AND ASKING QUESTIONS ON BIA REPORT. DELEGATE KATHERINE BENALLY resources and development committee is concerned about BIA approving fiber optic right-of-way going through Navajo land. That BIA action is illegal. And any leasing needs […]

Delegate Russell Begaye: I leave my Council hat at door when Shareholder

After the reading of LEGISLATION 0352-14, which involves Navajo Oil and Gas, Delegate Leonard Tsosie raised concerns over whether the court’s temporary restraining order prevented some of the Delegates who are also Navajo Oil and Gas Board members and Shareholders from taking action on Legislation 0352-13. Personally, this is why Elected Officials/Politicians have no business […]

Navajo Council is session

It is now 11:56 am and the Navajo Council has finally reached a quorum. Speaker Pro Temp Delegate Roscoe Smith called on Delegate Charles Damon to do the opening prayer. Council Delegate Duane Tsinginie, who pleaded guilty to drunk driving, is here. SPEAKER PRO TEMP SMITH Each of you have received Speaker Johnny Naize’s MEMO […]

Navajo Oil and Gas Board member confirmed

Here at Naabik’iyati Committee meeting where Naabi is deep into debate over confirmation of Navajo Oil and Gas Board member. DELEGATE RUSSELL BEGAYE Three new board members. Navajo Oil and Gas Board members have expired terms, like Navajo Housing Authority Board. And because of expired terms, President Shelly followed charter to appoint Navajo Oil and […]

Legal issues stalling Navajo Oil & Gas Board appointment

Here at Navajo Council’s Naabik’iyati Committee where Committee deep in debate over confirmation of individual who works for Resolute Companey, an oil and gas company in Utah, to the Navajo Oil and Gas Company’s Board of Directors. The individual is Eddie Sandoval. DELEGATE LEONARD TSOSIE And I know that Navajo Oil and Gas has hired […]

Conflict of Interest for Navajo Oil & Gas Company candidate?

Here at Naabik’iyati Committee where Delegate Danny Simpson asked the Naabi Committee to do a blanket approval of all legislation headed to the Council, which includes his two pieces of legislation. DELEGATE DANNY SIMPSON It’s not about being impatient. It’s about getting these legislation to Council. I’ll withdraw motion and when gets to Council, then […]