Navajo Nation police at four tribal casinos

The Navajo Council’s Law & Order Committee is now on Legislation 0186-14, Approving the amended Memorandum of Agreement between the Navajo Nation Gaming (Gambling) Enterprise and the Navajo Nation Division of Public Safety and the amended Navajo Division of Public Safety Fund Management Plan. SPONOSOR, L&O COMMITTEE MEMBER ALTON SHEPHERD the tribe has four casinos […]

Navajo Council: Confirming former BIA director to Gambling Board

Navajo Council now on Confirming appointment of Omar Bradley, who is retired from BIA for past seven years. I seek this confirmation becuse I feel I have a number of areas of expertise in dealing with gaming business development. Started career in business development then went into federal employment. I have lived on Navajo rez […]

Legal concerns over Gaming Enterprise tables confirmation

Naabik’iyati back in session at 4:39 p.m. SPEAKER NAIZE The Committee has question over Gaming Enterprise Board and the replacement of Martha King with Omar Bradley. NAVAJO DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE ATTORNEY KARIS BEGAYE Gaming Enterprise has specific designations which is different from other enterprise Board. I did review Martha King’s confirmation and President Shelly specified […]

Navajo Gaming Board went to Super Bowl?!

Naabik’iyati Committee now on LEGISLATION 0024-14 which is the confirmation of Former Navajo Area Bureau of Indian Affairs Director Omar Bradley to a four year term on the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise Board. Delegate George Apachito is the sponsor. OFFICE OF PRESIDENT SHELLY STAFF ASSISTANT GERI HARRISON DELEGATE LORENZO CURLEY I think that we need […]