Navajo Council approves Navajo Adult Guardianship Act

NAVAJO COUNCIL ON LEGISLATION 0100-14: NAVAJO ADULT GUARDIANSHIP ACT vote on Amendment 2 to add amendments approved by Naabik’iyati Committee 13 in favor, 2 opposed. Amendment 1 – PAGE 2, LINE 24: strike language “There is a high regard for individual liberty on Navajo Nation as reflected in the expression, ‘T’aabi boholniih’ roughly translated as […]

Proposed law would give back all freedom to disabled

Naabik’iyati Committee now on Legislation 0100-14, approving Navajo Nation Guardianship Act of 2014. DELEGATE JONATHAN HALE what these amendments do is bring back family into choices, not just corporations and adds clarity to process, instead of going straight to caregiver but bring in family. AMENDMENT – (WE several pages and so I’ll have to get […]