Navajo Council votes against Tabling of setting four term limit for president

NAVAJO COUNCIL DEBATING LEGISLATION 0025-14, WHICH WOULD AMEND NAVAJO LAW AND SET FOUR TERM LIMIT FOR PRESIDENT. THE SPECIFIC LAW TO BE AMENDED WOULD BE TITLE 2, SECTIONS 105 AND 1002. DELEGATE NELSON BEGAYE If truly people have right to choose their leader based on Dine’ Fundamental Law then that is reason for unlimited terms. […]

Term limit would disqualify some candidates for 2015 Navajo elections

NAVAJO COUNCIL DEBATING LEGISLATION 0025-140025-14, AMENDING TITLE 2 OF NAVAJO CODE, SECTIONS 105 AND 1002. DELEGATE ELMER BEGAY what we are addressing the selection of leaders by the people. when i was thinking about running for council, i talked with medicine people. DELEGATE LORENZO CURLEY in very dynamic well informed democracy, i believe term limits […]