How the Navajo Council voted on Energy Policy

The Navajo Council vote to approve LEGISLATION 0276-13: the Energy Policy, also rescinded the Energy Policy approved under the former Navajo Chair Peter MacDonald administration. The Council vote was 13 in favor, 6 opposed on Legislation 0276-13 at 11:23 am on Oct. 22, 2013. 13 DELEGATES VOTING “YES” George APACHITO LoRenzo BATES Nelson BEGAYE Katherine […]

Navajo Council standing committees & Energy Development

The Navajo Nation Council’s Naa’biki’yati’ Committee meets on Thursday, 9-12-13 , at 10 am in the Council chamber and among their proposed agenda items is a report from the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority “regarding energy development.” NTUA met with members of Resources & Development Committee at the KPMG office in Albuquerque today, 9-10-13, to discuss […]