Proposed revisions to the Navajo Nation Local Governance Act

Here at Navajo Council’s Resources & Development Committee’s work session on Title 26, which is the Navajo law for Local Government. And I finally got a copy of the Proposed Amendments/Revisions to Title 26. AND I found an electronic copy of Proposed Amendments/Revisions to Title 26 ONLINE. HERE IS THE WEB ADDRESS: The RDC/Resources & […]

Navajo Council special session TOMOROW

Greetings Relaitves/Frens/Humans! Sorry about the short notice but I’m finally back to work. I took a couple of days to be with Shalakos, Koyemsis and other Holy Ones at Zuni, the home of my late father… anyway, the Navajo Nation Council’s Resources & Development Committee, headed by Delegate Katherine Benally is having a Work Session […]