Update – Livestock Impoundments & potential Evictions of Navajo families

Update on Impoundments & Potential Evictions: Calls for Support.Community members are organizing for unity, justice, and protection of traditional lifeways, livestock, and continued existence on their ancestral homelands. Community member, Gerald Blackrock, wants to ensure the solidarity networks and outside world understand, “This is not about a conflict between Dineh and Hopi people. This is […]

Navajo Council Delegate Tsosie tells student to be glad she has bus to ride

RDC now on LEGISLATION 0162-14: An Action relating to Resources and Development, Naabiki’yati Committees; authorizing the Navajo Division of Transportation to enter into a revocable permit, approved by the Hopi Tribe, to conduct preliminary studies for design and construction of N8031 access road and bridge, and supporting the preservation of planning funds allocated to the […]