Naabik’iyati Committee now on approving $2 grazing fee for Eastern Navajo

Naabik’iyati Committee now on Legislation 0012-15 Relating To Naabik’iyati’ Committee; Approving Grazing Fees For Eastern Navajo Agency Of The Navajo Nation; And Requesting Approval By The Federal Government. SPONSOR, DELEGATE LEONARD TSOSIE We tried to pass in 22nd Council and time ran out. Setting of grazing fee set by federal government and why Bureau of […]

YouTube Videos: Navajo Agriculture Director Watchman and Council Delegate Katherine Benally

Here is the YouTube video of the presentation by Navajo Agriculture Department Director Leo Watchman to the Navajo Council’s Resources and Development Committee on the draft Range Land Management Act of 2014 at the Council chamber in Window Rock, Ariz., on March 25, 2014. Before Watchman started his report, Resources & Development Committee Chairperson Katherine […]

Greatest opposition is Grazing Officials

Here at Resources and Development Committee where Navajo Department of Agriculture Director Leo Watchman reporting on proposed Range Land Management Act. RDC COMMITTEE MEMBER LEONARD TSOSIE There are issues regarding Feral Horses and there appears to be a meeting in Crownpoint, NM, to once again attack the Council over the Range Land Management Act. Does […]

No guts, no glory…

Navajo Dept of Ag supports full time range management officers instead of elected grazing and farm board officials because to improve rangeland and issues over grazing permits and land permits. An.d to have accoutability NDOJ BECKER Not compensated to deal 8 hours a day and five days a week to deal with grazing issues. Need […]

Navajo is largest ranch & lousiest managers

RESOURCES &s DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE HEARING REPORT FROM DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE ON PROPOSED RANGELAND IMPROVEMENT ACT RDC concerned about how full time employees would work under proposed Rangeland Improvement Act. How will elected community level Grazing officials and Farm Board be transformed into full time tribal employees? And there are concerns about work output of Grazing […]

Navajo Nation Grazing Act or Rangeland Improvement Act?

NAVAJO NATION COUNCIL’S RESOURCES & DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE CONVENES IN THE COUNCIL CHAMBER, WINDOW ROCK, ARZ. RDC VICE CHAIRPERSON ROSCOE SMITH ASKS IF COMMITTEE MEMBERS HAVE ANNOUCEMENTS: DELEGATE LEONARD TSOSIE Many of the chapters, housing and other public facilities were constructed in flood plains. Ned report on flooding. Mention that RDC was government entity that demanded […]