Council tables Legislation 0462-12

NAVAJO COUNCIL TABLES LEGISLATION 0462-12. SPEAKER NAIZE If you study legislation with all amendements then we can discuss tomorrow. GROANS from Council. “I thot we were suppose to be done today?” TABLING MOTION AT 1:35 PM 15 in favor, 6 opposed

Council confused?

NAVAJO COUNCIL STILL DEBATING LEGISLATION 0462-12 DELEGATE KATHERINE BENALLY I think there is some confusion regarding how language drafted, especially for District Grazing Committee members being removed by Council. I support amendment by Delegate Jonathan Hale. And i said earlier that I support legislation but under Paragraph 7 regarding Delegate Due Process, it conflicts with […]

Streamlining law regarding Navajo elected officials qualifications

NAVAJO COUNCIL STILL DEBATING LEGISLATION 0462-12: DELEGATE KATHERINE BENALLY One of elected officials in Eastern Chapter has qualifications issues and this legislation wud address that. Also keep in mind that individual who has been disqualified has due process and this legislation addresses due process. And also because of chapter officials misusing tribal funds. DELEGATE DWIGHT […]

DELEGATE KATHERINE BENALLY: school board qualification stricter cuz work with children

NAVAJO COUNCIL CONTINUES DEBATE ON LEGISLATION 0462-12. SPONSOR IS DELEGATE ALTON SHEPHERD DELEGATE EDMUND YAZZIE We want this law to be strong but petty misdemenor not included. We shud include all tribal offenses. It appears that this Bill addresses only state offenses. Also federal offenses. When we convict in tribal, it can go into different […]

DELEGATE BUTLER: low voter turnout cuz pple distrust elected officials

NAVAJO COUNCIL CONTINUES DEBATING LEGISLATION 0462-12: DELEGATE JONATHAN NEZ If we pass this legislation, does it mean that those of us that don’t read and write Navajo will be disqualified BECAUSe reading and writing Navajo is one of qualifications for a candidate. DELEGATE JOSH BUTLER You all know what happened in Tuba City Chapter, all […]