Navajo Nation Supreme Court invalidates Council nullification of 2014 Primaries & Pardon of Election Board

The Navajo Nation Supreme Court invalidated the Council’s legislation that nullified the 2014 Presidential Primary Election and called for a 2015 Presidential Primary Election with all 17 presidential candidates, including disqualified presidential candidate Chris Deschene, in June and a Presidential General Election in August. The Supreme Court’s decision today, which was issued through a 3:24 […]

Navajo Nation Election director and 11 Navajo Council delegates facing contempt charges

The Navajo Nation Supreme Court has been asked to hold 11 Navajo Nation Council delegates in contempt of court for voting for the nullification of the 2014 Navajo Nation Primary Election for the presidential race so a new June 2015 Primary Election for the presidency and a special August 2015 General Election for the presidency […]

Navajo Council in heated debate over funding special presidential election

Navajo Council now on Legislation 0249-14, which is funding Navajo Election Office for $286,247 for special presidential election. The five minute recall of Council is over. There are 15 delegates on the floor. it is now 5:36 p.m. SPEAKER PRO TEM JONATHAN HALE a document with transcript of Dec. 23, 2015, special Council session has […]

Navajo Election Office says Council has power to challenge Navajo Supreme Court

The Navajo Council’s Naabik’iyati Committee continues to debate Report on 2014 Elections from Navajo Election Office Director Edison Wauneka. COMMITTEE MEMBER/DELEGATE DWIGHT WITHERSPOON What Delegate Tsosie advocating involves does not include the wait for the appointment of division directors. I was told not to vote for president and so this idea that everybody’s going to […]