Former Navajo Nation Council Speaker Morgan to testify against elected officials in Special Prosecutor cases

By Marley Shebala Former Navajo Nation Council Speaker Lawrence Morgan, a major figure in the tribal prosecution of elected officials involved in a quid-pro-quo scheme involving tribal assistance funds for the most needy Navajo people, pleaded guilty to one criminal charge of conspiracy this morning before Navajo Nation Window Rock, Ariz., District Court Judge Geraldine […]

Navajo Council Delegate Russell Begaye questions Resources & Development Committee’s approval of uranium bill

ANNOUNCEMENTS: ROSE FASTHORSE NOFCHISSEY Community educators have started a new community school that is founded on hands-on Navajo emersion teachings. This is Shiprock’s first Navajo emersion school and the first one on the New Mexico side of the Navajo Reservation. SHIPROCK CHAPTER VICE PRESIDENT TOMMIE YAZZIE The first order of business is a report from […]