Proposed legislation to remove Navajo Council Speaker Naize

Navajo Nation Council Speaker Johnny Naize is facing removal by the Council. Today, Council Delegate Alton Shepherd announced in a press release that he is sponsoring legislation to remove Naize. “Since taking office, I have respected Speaker Naize as a colleague, as a leader and as speaker of the Navajo Nation Council,” Shepherd stated. “However, given […]

Shiprock votes 85-0 for Legal Opinion on Navajo Council members facing criminal charges

HERE AT SHIPROCK CHAPTER… A majority of the community people and visitors that stood up and spoke were in support the actions of Shiprock Chapter President Duane “Chili” Yazzie at the Navajo Council chamber on Dec. 23, 2013. ARNOLD CLIFFORD, COMMUNITY MEMBER You young folks, my grandfather here, Chili, is a great leader. I studied […]

Navajo Council Delegate Russell Begaye questions Resources & Development Committee’s approval of uranium bill

ANNOUNCEMENTS: ROSE FASTHORSE NOFCHISSEY Community educators have started a new community school that is founded on hands-on Navajo emersion teachings. This is Shiprock’s first Navajo emersion school and the first one on the New Mexico side of the Navajo Reservation. SHIPROCK CHAPTER VICE PRESIDENT TOMMIE YAZZIE The first order of business is a report from […]

Shiprock Chapter: Freedom of Speech for Everyone

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans, I’m here at the Shiprock, N.M., Chapter and the meeting has been called to order. It is now 4:30 pm SHIPROCK COMMUNITY MEMBER FANNIE ETCITTY I want only local people to speak and vote, not just anybody. Respect us. We don’t word to get out that we allow non-chapter members to vote. The […]

Could Navajo Council session tomorrow switch from $220 million loan to criminal charges

By Marley Shebala Dine’ Resources & Information Center WINDOW ROCK, ARIZ. – The Navajo Nation Council is having a special session tomorrow, Dec. 10, to finish up action on proposed legislation that approves the tribal government to enter into an agreement with financial institutions for a $220 million bond, which is basically a loan. But […]