Navajo Nation Kayenta court resumes non-essential services, 5.29.20

All cases that are not deemed essential are continued. Updated notice of hearings will be mailed to listed addresses. To limit close contact, filing requirements are suspended at this time. Individuals may fax documents to (928) 697-5541; email to; or mail to Kayenta Judicial District, P.O. Box 2700, Kayenta, AZ 86033. If any documents […]

Funding demolishment of Court building…

NAVAJO COUNCIL CONTINUES DEBATING $150,200 TO DEMOLISH FORMER TUBA CITY COURT BUILDING DELEGATE EDMUND YAZZIE/Law & Order Committee chairperson During 2013 budget hearings by Law & Order Committee, the Chief Justice, Herb Yazzie, asked for raise when Judicial Branch facing layoffs and then there was no request for funding to demolish former Tuba City court […]

Demolish or Renovate former Tuba City court building

NAVAJO COUNCIL STILL DEBATING LEGISLATION 0144-13 WHICH IS $150,200 TO DEMOLISH FORMER TUBA CITY COURT BUILDING. NAVAJO DEPUTY ATTORNEY GENERAL DANA BOBROOF In the Budget Instructions Manuel, VIII, page 17, under C, the branch chiefs shall review and provide recommendations on any supplemental proposals before submit to any standing committees and consider Reserves Fund Balance. […]

Council concerned over 3 Branch Chiefs’ memo

Greetings Relatives/Frens, I posted incorrect Web Address to Legislation 0144-13. The Web Address that I posted is for the Council’s next agenda item, which is LEGISLATION 0149-13: APPROVING AMENDMENTS TO CAP-20-13 (NAVAJO TRANSITIONAL ENERGY COMPANY PLAN OF OPERATION – THIS IS THE CORRECT WEB ADDRESS FOR LEGISLATION 0144-13: APPROPRIATING $150,200 FROM RESERVES TO DEMOLISH […]

Demolish former Tuba City Court building

NAVAJO COUNCIL NOW ON LEGISLATION 0149-13: APPROVING SUPPLEMENTAL FUNDING OF $150,200 FROM RESERVES TO DEMOLISH FORMER TUBA CITY DISTRICT COURT BUILDING. SPONSOR – DELEGATE RUSSELL BEGAYE DELEGATE NELSON BEGAY Look at Office of Management and Budget memo that says that three branch chiefs agreed that Reserves not be used during budget year so ask that […]