Navajo Council meeting on Uranium Resources Inc. at 7:30 a.m., July 22, 2014

The Navajo Nation Council is having a 7:30 a.m. at the Quality Inn in Window Rock, Ariz., today, July 22, 2014, to discuss Delegate Edmund Yazzie’s LEGISLATION 0091-14, which would nullify the Resources and Development Committee’s action that created a two-member Subcomittee to draft an agreement with Uranium Resources Inc. of Texas to operate an […]

Navajo Council Resources & Development Committee opposes Rescinding of its Subcommittee on URI/HRI

The Navajo Council Resources and Development Committee came out of executive session at about 4:11 p.m. and RDC Chairperson Katherine Benally immediately called for a vote on Legislation 0104-14, which was to rescind RDCD-69-13, which created a Subcommittee to draft an agreement between URI/HRI and the Navajo Nation for URI/HRI to operate an In-Situ Uranium […]

Resources & Development Committee go into executive session over confidential URI proposal

Navajo Council Resources and Development Committee votes on caling Legislation 0104-14, which is the rescinding of RDC legislation that created an RDC Subcommittee to draft an agreement with URI for an In-Situ Uranium Mining Project near Church Rock, NM. THE VOTE IS 3 IN FAVOR, 2 OPPOSED. The two opposing votes come from Subcommittee Chairperson […]

No action on proposed legislation to remove In-Situ Uranium Mining Demonstration Project on Navajo Reservation

The Navajo Council Resources and Development Committee took up LEGISLATION 0104-14, which is to rescind the RDC’s legislation, RDCD-69-13. that created a RDC subcommittee to draft an agreement with Uranium Resources, Inc., for an In-situ Uranium Mining Demonstration Project near Church Rock, N.M. RDCD-69-13 also acknowledged the right-of-way and surface use by URI of its […]

Navajo Environmental Protection Agency: We’ve been waiting for URI in-situ report

Here at Navajo council Resources & Development Committee’s Subcommi ttee on a Proposed agreement between the Navajo Nation and URI/Uranium Resources Inc. of Texas for URI to conduct a demonstration project involving In-Situ Uranium Mining near Church Rock, N.M. Before I go any further, please excuse all typos and grammar errors and misspelling because I’m […]