Navajo Council approves $1.7 million for 6 chapters and 1 school

Navajo Council still debating Legislation 0027-14 which is for a total funding of $900,000 to renovate Lupton, Chichiltah and Chilchinbeto chapters. It’s now 4:57 p.m. Delegate Walter Phelps is asking for $180,120 for Cameron chapter multi-purpose building but Phelps is missing some documents. COUNCIL VOTING ON DELEGATE JONATHAN NEZ AMENDMENT TO ADD FUNDING FOR HIS […]

Navajo Council in “feeding frenzy”

Navajo Council now on Delegate Charles Damon II’s LEGISLATION 0027-14, which if for renovations of Lupton, Chihiltah and Chilchinbeto for a total of $900,000. The co-sponsor is Delegate Lorenzo Curley. DELEGATE JONATHAN NEZ there are many chapter closed. Olijato closed cuz of asbestos and we appreciate parks and welcome center for meetings. i’d like to […]