Speaker Pro Tem Bates says President Shelly could veto legislation to postpone election up to Aug. 31, 2014

Council now on Legislation No. 0346-14: Relating to Naabik’iyati’ Committee and the Navajo Nation Council; Waiving Certain Navajo Election Code Provisions to Allow for a Special Election for the President of the Navajo Nation and Other Elective Offices
(Sponsor: Honorable LoRenzo Bates, Honorable Roscoe Smith)

Why didn’t I select a date for special presidential election? Answer, moving pieces of puzzle and a piece to that puzzle is this body. if this body chooses to do something other than the current direction by virtue of the Chief justice then that election happen at end of January which is in his ruling. And President Shelly could veto and there wouldn’t be enough time to over-ride presidential veto.

concern is for Election Office, which is under Legislative Branch, and this legislation allows extension of waivers. As Delegate Tsosie said, Chief Justice approved waiver so it seems that Council helping Chief Justice and Election Office out. Are you doing legislation to assist Election Office or leadership that would assert Legislative Branch over Executive Branch since there won’t be President by time President Shelly’s term ends.

i’m concerned about council debate and moving election to later part of Fall. I’m not sure if we are thinking that we would give candidates longer period to campaign and campaigning is very expensive. just taking most recent election, the election opened the position in June and then primary election happened and from there the general election. and based on the campaign, it’s very expensive and that is based on my experience. Supporters can’t raise all those funds.

There is also proposal to have a new Primary Election and General Election and that is going to be very expensive.

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