Speaker Naize: Allow me to continue my leadership

I know being up there tough job and have to be fair.
when you elected two years ago to be speaker. I took oath and I promised to be faithful to the chair. I have never abused that chair and I have always in my heart respected that chair and been fair to everyone.
i told all of you that never have i mistreated council. my job always was to protect each of you and that is what i am doing. i believe i am in good standing. i have never mistreated chair. and it’s been an honor to sit there.
council has always been priority. i have never said I, but Council.
And it’s always on behalf of all of you. I want us to continue. there is only few months. some of you said you would not run again and i said that too. this is my fourth term.
i enjoyed it. i had good run. so i ask council to remember Ke’. and my father taught me to acknowledge you by clan, by kinship. i respected that. i was brought up navajo way to respect clan
And i share those teachings. As speaker i have taken position of harsh discipline or spoken harsh to you. Part of teachings, thru kinship, not to abandone people.
i will always be for people and council. we have one leader, one voice. i want to continue to represent people and be lawmakers that we are under Legislative Branch.
the allegation before council, this action was something alleged and not under this administration but previous administration regarding discretionary funds. the council had taken action to hire outside legal prosecution to investigate BCDS and instead prosecution turned on Council. And to this day, there has been no action against OnSat and BCDS.
And there were charges by Special Prosecutors in three phases. But my name has been included in prosecution.
Allow me to continue my leadership

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