Save Confluence families: The proposed Escalade Project has torn families apart.

The Navajo Council’s Naabik’iyati Committee has started, but not officially because they do not have a quorum. But it was decided that the committee would begin listening to reports.

The first report if from the “Save the Confluence” families.

Delores Wilson-Aquirre, of Tuba City, Ariz.
I’m from Tuba City, but home is southern Bodaway, close to Confluence. There was no support from families in Confluence area for proposed Escalade Project, which has announced that a “final package” has been delivered to President Shelly and that proposed legislation for Navajo Council is being prepared. Is this true?

There have been no reports back to Bodaway about these recent updates by the Escalade Project developers. And there are ethical questions over the vote by Bodaway-Gap Chapter in support of proposed Escalade Project.

Chili, Russell Begaye, Myron, Carrie, Az State Sens. Peshlakai and Begay have signed petitions.

When they meet, they make life. One if Female and the other is Male. fraigle vegetation such as yucca, oil and sage to calm ulcers, Hozhoni requires balance. area already overgrazed and why add to this with traffic and noise. There is livestock grazing.

Escalade should be allowed in Bodaway-Gap area because it has torn families apart. we are to ask for the decision to return to the community on proposed Escalade Project.

before Deswood Tome and developers came, people wanted to reclaim land. where is feasibility study? there is no environmental study. “we ask you to put a stop to this nonsense. we ask you to save the confluence and the people, who have been trying to make a home since exiled. bring all stakeholders together. there are more than 30 pple there. the children and grandchildren are still there. we have suffered enough. we want justice, protection for sacred sites. Thank you.”

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