Resources & Development Committee approves Replacement of Local Governance Centers with Administrative Service Centers

The Navajo Council Resources & Development Committee approves LEGISLATION 0139-14, which replaces Local Governance Centers with Administrative Service Centers, with vote of 3 in favor, 0 opposed. No debate. The only comment came from RDC Chairperson Katherine Benally, who reminded the RDC that they have had numerous work sessions on Legislation 0139-14. Benally emphasizes that she believes that the amendments to the plan of operation for the Local Governance Centers was part of the people’s vote to reduce the Navajo Council from 88 members to 24 members.

LEGISLATION 0139-14: An Act relating to Resources and Development Committee; amending the Plan of Operation for the Navajo Division of Community Development in 2 N.N.C. ยง 1453 and approving a Plan of Operation for new Administrative Service Centers which will replace the Local Governance Support Centers as part of the Decentralization Project Plan
Sponsor: Hon. Jonathan Nez, Council Delegate

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