Proposed 2024 Budgets for Navajo Veterans, Public Safety, Offices of the President & Vice President

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans, the Navajo Nation government is in the midst of budget hearings for its PROPOSED Fiscal 2024 operating budget for the Navajo government. According to a March 30, 2023, report on projected revenues for the Navajo Nation 2024 operating budget, there is $161.2 Million in Navajo general revenues available for the Navajo Nation government 2024 operating budget.

I’ve posted the “FY2024 – BIM Final” which is the Navajo Nation 2024 Budget Information Manuel. The Navajo Nation 2024 BIM has the resolution approved by the Navajo Nation Council Budget & Finance Committee regarding the proposed revenues available for the 2024 Navajo Nation operating budget.

I’ll post more proposed 2024 Budgets for the Navajo Nation government’s three branches – the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and Judicial Branch.

In this blog post, I’ll be posting the Proposed Fiscal 2024 Budget for the Navajo Veterans Administration – $61,261,964, which is under the Navajo Nation Executive Branch or Nygren-Montoya Administration. I’ll also post the Proposed Fiscal 2024 Budget for the Navajo Nation Division of Public Safety – $9,896,676, and the Proposed Fiscal 2024 Budget for the Navajo Nation Office of the President and Vice President, $8,059,176.

According to the FY2024 BIM, the Navajo Council is scheduled to conduct its hearings on the PROPOSED Navajo Nation 2024 operating budget from Sept. 5 – 8, 2023, at the Navajo Nation Council in Window Rock, Ariz. The Navajo Nation Fiscal 2023 Budget ends Sept. 30, which means the Navajo Council needs to adopt a 2024 Budget that allows Navajo President Buu Nygren the legal limit of ten days to review the Navajo Council approved 2024 Budget and veto or veto line-item budget items. The president also has the option of not taking action and allowing the ten days to lapse without taking action, which is another way for Navajo Council approved resolutions to become law.

Ahe’hee for Keeping an Eye on the Navajo Government!

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