Plants, water, animals also have same rights as human rights.

The Navajo Council’s Naabik’iyati Committee has started, but not officially because they do not have a quorum. But it was decided that the committee would begin listening to reports.

The first report if from the “Save the Confluence” families.

I understand the protection of sacred sites. And there are national parks that are protected from exploitation. In the international arena, there is recognition of no infringement of sacred sites and protection of people. But then there is also the lack of recognition of protection of artificial snow making on San Francisco Peaks by the federal government.

I also hear arguments about talking care of home before going to United Nations for protection of scared sites. We, Navajo Council delegation, have been advocating for human rights but there are animal rights There is also righs of plant kingdom such as forestry. And there is rights of Life Water.

People also think that matter is devoid of life and that is simply not true. we recognize in mountains that are male and female and they have power. we would certainly support Navajo and Hopi in protecting sacred sites and important for us to protect because it is for all Five Fingered People.

I hear Delegate Tsosie’s arguments but it does not reach the maintenance of our connection to Mother Earth.

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