Permanent extension of Indian Coal Production Tax Credit moves to Navajo Council

Navajo Council Naabik’iyati Committee, without debates, votes 10 in favor, 2 opposed, on LEGISLATION 0246-13: confirming Beverly Becenti-Pigman to Navajo Nation Human Rights Research Review Board.

Committee now on LEGISLATION 0090-14, supporting the Navajo Nation’s and Crow Tribe’s combined and collaborative efforts to energy, supporting the U.S. Congress’s permanent extension of the Indian Coal Production Tax Credit and opposing the United STates’ proposed Carbon Tax, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed electric generating unit new source performance standards for carbon dioxide emissions and their applicability to Indian Lands and Indian economic instrumentalities.

SPONSOR DELEGATE ROSCOE SMITH, who gives time to Legislative Energy Advisor Anthony Peterman, who visited Crown Nation during time tribe considering purchase of BHP coal mine. Westmoreland receives tax credit and shares with Crow Tribe, which is lobbying Congress to continue Indian Coal Production Tax Credit. Unclear how impact Navajo Transitional Energy Company but once pass this legislation, then NTEC could lobby for it. Resources and Development Committee separated Carbon TAx from this legislation because under federal environmental review so no longer applicable.

i’m no against LEGISLATION 0090-14 but I want to address why double taxation not in this legislation. Where is Navajo Washington DC office on this? This is prime opportunity to tell Congress that we bout BHP coal mine cuz of double taxation. and only way to save that coal mine was for Navajo Nation to buy and still no guarantee and this is example of damaging impact of double taxation.

And US EPA required coal plants on Navajo lands to put on very expensive scubbers on coal plants.

We have no jobs cuz of double taxation. WE can’t bring in Wal Mart. Those crazy white legislators in Congress say Indians don’t pay taxes but we pay more taxes than others. We have example, BHP Coal. let’s make this stronger. The language in this legislation is “just feel good language.”


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