No Navajo Nation recognition of Hopi Chairman Honanie?

The Navajo Council’s Naabik’iyati Committee is officially stared. A quorum was reached at 12:20 p.m. But before a quorum was reached, committee members started listening to a report from the “Save the Confluence” families and Hopi Tribal Chairman Herman Honanie.

And now the Committee is arguing about legality of accepting report from “save the confluence” families and Hopi Chairman Honanie.

this is what i am talking about. it’s causing a dispute. and delegate witherspoon is shrugging me off. i’m concerned about legal significance. so by accepting report, what does that mean? we are allowed to vote yes or no. and right before guest, we are engaging in this debate. this is what i wanted to avoid. i believe we have been respectful to Hopi Chairman. wE allowed him place in chamber which we consider sacred. we understand past differences. and i’m willing to have lunch with him and pay for his lunch ticket and treat him with honor. so once again i ask delegate witherspoon to be forced to take sides. i’ll vote no and then interpreted as disrespecting Hopi Chairman but it’s about how my request was disrespected.

BASED ON that argument, if any tribal person or BIA reported to us that, that argument would exist but we have been receiving reports in committee, in council. and i have voted against reports because of lack of information, data. we accept report is about accepting information and people can vote against. not for delegate tsosie, but for delegate tsinigine, i withdraw amendment to add Hopi Chairman Honanie to report.

12 in favor, 0 opposed

Now on Accepting Report from “Save the Confluence” families, represented by Delores Wilson-Aguirre and Paulene Martin-Sanchez.
11 IN FAVOR, 0 OPPOSED at 1:10 p.m.

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