Nez&Lizer proposed ARPA budgets for 16 & not 24 Navajo Council Delegates in 0086-22, 6.13.22

The following documents were provided by Navajo Council Delegates Mark Freeland, Pernell Halona, Wilson Stewart Jr., and Edison Wauneka on behalf of Navajo President Jonathan Nez & Vice President Myron Lizer and their Legislation 0086-22, which is the Nez&Lizer $1.07 Billion ARPA/American Rescue Plan Act spending proposal.

The Navajo Council has been requesting the amount of ARPA that Nez&lizer are proposing in their $1.07B ARPA spending package for each of the chapters that each of the 24 Navajo Council Delegates represents. The Council have repeatedly asked Nez&lizer for the proposed ARPA budgets for their chapters.

But Nez&Lizer only provided budgets for the following 16 Navajo Council Delegates: Elmer Begay; Eugene Tso; Mark Freeland; Pernell Halona; Jamie Henio; Vince James; Kee Allen Begay; Rickie Nez; Otto Tso; Paul Begay; Carl Slater; Raymond Smith Jr.; Wilson Stewart Jr.; Thomas Walker; Jimmy Yellowhair, and Edison Wauneka.

Nez&Lizer did not provide proposed ARPA budgets for Navajo Council Delegates Amber Kanazbah Crotty; Eugenia Charles-Newton; Nathaniel Brown; Daniel Tso; Charlaine Tso; Herman M. Daniels Jr.,, Edmund Yazzie, and Seth Damon.

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