Navajo SAP Reports on Violence & Sexual Assault Against Native Women; MMIP. 2.19.21, 10 am

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans, I hope this message finds you all Safe & Healthy & that you & those you hold close to your Heart Continue to be Safe & Healthy. One impact of COVID-19 on the Navajo people and Indigenous people of all ages is domestic violence. There have been numerous studies, forums, meetings, and executive orders regarding the dangerous increase of violence – verbal, physical, mental, & even spiritually – in the homes of our people because of COVID-19. The non-Indigenous world is also Suffering but the Resources available to them is Monolithic compared to the Resources available on the Navajo Nation and in Indian County.

I have Repeatedly heard Navajo Nation government elected official boast about how the Navajo Nation is the largest Native Nation in this part of Mother Earth and how other Native Nation look to the Navajo Nation. Well…if they Look at what the Navajo Nation government is doing to Help to Prevent & Assist the Increasing number of VICTIMS of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault due to COVID-19, they will see how the Nez-lizer administration has denied annual Federal Funding to the TWO Domestic Violence Shelters on the Navajo Nation that have been Working Day & Night for YEARS to Prevent & Assist VICTIMS…BUT the Nez-lizer funded TWO of the Navajo Nation government’s DV shelters. One of these TWO Navajo Nation government shelters has a FULLY PAID DIRECTOR for a Shelter that is NOT OPEN in Utah.

I’ve been waiting for First Lady Phefelia Nez to explain why the Nez-lizer administration BLOCKED Two long standing shelters – Amá Dóó Álchíní Bíghan or ADABI and Tohdenashai Shelter from FULLY helping VICTIMS, who include children and babies, by Changing the Rules for Federal Grant Sub-Recipients in the middle of the Grant Year. I’d also need to Hear from the First Lady about why the Nez-lizer administration funded the Annual Salary of the Director of a Navajo government shelter that was NOT OPEN.

The reason that First Lady Nez needs to Talk about ADABI and Tohdenashai Shelter is that she was selected by NM Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham to serve on New Mexico’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Task Force. First Lady Nez is asked to speak on MMIW and human trafficking and did the keynote address at the 2020 Administration for Children and Families Native American Grantee Meeting in Crystal City, Virginia.

The Navajo Nation Council’s Naabik’iyati Committee Sexual Assault Prevention Subcommittee was Established through the efforts of its Chairwoman, Amber Kanazbah Crotty, who has been an Outspoken Advocate for VICTIMS of domestic violence and sexual assault, for MMDR/Missing & Murdered Dine’ Relatives, MMIW. Crotty stood up on the Navajo Nation Council floor when she became a Council Delegate and shared her sexual assault experience – which was Very Emotional – as a Navajo Nation legislative services employee. Crotty called for an OPEN debate on the Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault of Navajo government employees and Training on Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault. I asked then Speaker LoRenzo Bates, then President Russell Begaye & Vice President Jonathan Nez for the Dates & Times for the Trainings and the Open Debate. I was informed about the Trainings after the Trainings. And I never received a Date & Times for the Open Debate because it NEVER happened. SMH

Call in number: (928) 223-3942
Friday February 19, 2021
10:00 A.M.

[ ] Honorable Amber Kanazbah Crotty (C) [ ] Honorable Wilson C. Stewart, Jr.
[ ] Honorable Nathaniel Brown (VC) [ ] Honorable Eugene Tso
[ ] Honorable Vince James [ ] Honorable Paul Begay
Hon. Amber Kanazbah Crotty _________________
Hon. Nathaniel Brown _________________
Hon. Vince James _________________
Hon. Wilson C. Stewart, Jr. _________________
Hon. Eugene Tso _________________
Hon. Paul Begay _________________

  1. Call Meeting to Order; Roll Call; and Invocation
  2. Recognize Guests and Visiting Officials:
  3. Review and Adopt the Agenda:
    M: S: V:
  4. Review and Adopt Journals: None
  5. Receiving Reports:
    a. Report by Roman Bitsuie, Director, Peacemaking Program on programs and efforts to Restore Families
    (M) (S) (V)
    b. Report from Jolene Holgate, Training & Education Director, Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women
    (M) (S) (V)
    c. Report by Maxine Hillary, Deputy Executive Director, Navajo Nation Washington Office relating to U.S. Government Accountability Office on the inquiries about
    Missing and Murdered Indigenous persons.
  6. Report from Chairwoman Crotty on SAP’s activities
    (M) (S) (V)
    e. 2021 Outlook
    (M) (S) (V)
  7. Old Business: None
  8. New Business: None
  9. Close the Meeting; Announcements; Adjournment
    M: S: V:

Next meeting date:
Agenda Subject to Change: The public is advised that the Navajo Nation Council Agenda and the Agendas of the Standing Committees are not final until adopted by a majority vote of the Navajo Nation Council or the Standing Committee at a Navajo Nation Council or a Standing Committee meeting pursuant to 2 N.N.C. §§163 and 183, Navajo Nation Council Rule of Order No. 7, and Standing Committee Rule of Order No. 8.

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