Navajo First Lady Shelly taking over Navajo Women’s Commission

Here at Navajo Council Health, Education and Human Services Committee where Committee is hearing report from Navajo Women’s Commission by Office of Navajo Women and Families.

the women commission established May 21, 1985, setting policies to improve status of women and their families. according to legislative concern, the office of women and families has responsibility to appoint commissioners. met with First Lady Martha Shelly and staff Mae Kellywood, and others. outcome was to conduct interviews and make recommendations to president shelly for his support. Kellywood presented package that showed that First Lady Shelly held interviews and recommended commissioners without our knowledge. Eastern, Fort Defiance and
April 22, our office submitted recommendations. May 13 the office conducted followup and we found that names we recommended were replaced by names of Office of First Lady. We asked about out packet and we cannot get back our packet. We got letter from attorney that the names we recommended were replaced. Our plan of operation holds our office responsible for women’s commission, which has been dormant for two years. we were granted supplemental funding for women’s commission. under first tab in binder, there is copy of letter to president shelly with five names. northern, eastern, fort defiance, chinle, western. our office recommended candidates for Eastern, Fort Defiance, Chinle. President Shelly signed April 24. Delegate Katherine Benally is being asked to sponsor legislation for confirmation of Women’s Commission.

in the binder, we showed how we advertised for candidates for Women’s Commission, stipend, milegage.

In 2010, more than $3,000 was allocated for Women’s Commission.

We have seen increase in domestic violence against men. we are promoting responsible fatherhood among Navajo men and it’s become very important to the many single fathers that come to our office to provide healthy home environment. we also provide awareness for healthy marriage, healthy couple, healthy partners then combat domestic violence. we refer navajo families. we are not income based so receive all clients with staff of two. we work with navajo people from back east. we have also assisted with conferences focusing on family values. we provide support to other departments, conference, even 5K runs. we advocate for navajo families, Ke’, honor Navajo women and families and responsible Navajo fathers, health marriages and couples, honor trust.

so today come before Health, Education and Human Services Committee to ask for your support.

Meeting was held between Office of Women and Families and Office of First Lady for recommendations to President Shelly for Navajo Women’s Commission. And that legislation is now in legislative branch.

HEHS COMMITTEE VICE CHAIRPERSON CHARLES DAMON II says he supports Office of Women and Families.

it is from this Committee for funding of Office of Women and Children for Women’s Commission and then that goal for OWC to revive Women’s Commission was derailed.

3 in favor, 0 opposed on accepting report from Office of Women and Families at 3:23 p.m.

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