Navajo Council tables $286,247 for special presidential election

LEGISLATION 0249-14: Relating to Budget and Finance, Naabik’iyati, and Navajo Nation Council; Appropriating Supplemental Funding form the Unreserved, Undesignated fund Balance in the Amount of $286,247 for the Navajo Nation Election Administration, Business Unit 101021, to Fund the 2014 Navajo Nation General Election and Associated Referendum Costs. Sponsor, Speaker Pro Tem LoRenzo Bates

Chief justice put upon himself to make ruling and there is legislation coming before you to move election, depending on what Council decides. if council doesn’t approve ths legislation and there is election, whenever that occurs or doesn’t occur, the Legislative Branch will need to come up with money at some point in time. and it will require taking from Legislative Branch budget and for funds to be replaced, that will depend on balance in Reserves.

But this amount for election.

I think Speaker Pro Tem Bates is looking for solution but solution is for people to be allowed to vote. The council holds the purse strings. the chief justice is taking control. i saw his ruling and just “willy nilly” he extends election time. this authority belongs to Election Board. And this is about checks and balances. if we fund this and election happens with people upset. and there are pple that want election but they are minority.

The only way to listen to people is to vote this legislation down.

I’m concerned about Delegate Tsosie’s tactics which is similar to to Republicans threatening to oppose budget if they don’t get their way. He’s saying, Let’s not fund election until he gets his way. And this is about our right to vote but we are being told to not fund election until it’s done their way. Election Office Director Wauneka explained time lines involving printing of ballots, absentee voting, early voting, training election staff so could have special presidential election in February. So how long will we have to wait until its acceptable? And then there is the issue of Speaker serving as Interim President and the impact on personnel/staff. It’s better to have election sooner. if going to have election now, what is wrong with that? it’s because its a tactic.

I don’t mind being called a Republican especially when it involves protecting the people’s vote. Since Delegate Witherspoon called me out, I’ll call him out. Witherspoon has publicly said he supports Russell Begaye. I know that about 80 percent of the people have said they voted and they’re not going to vote again.

And i’ve said publicly that Russell Begaye should withdraw. He can run again. Just let the people vote again. It’s not my way, it’s the Navajo people’s way. that is why we’re guarding purse strings. we want strong president that people support with their vote. don’t let chief justice select president.

We should address other Legislation on our agenda that concern election and so I make motion to Table this.

I ask for Delegate Phelps to table until Dec. 30, special council session. and if get through agenda today then could recall.


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