Navajo Council, Support US bill “Tribal Public Health Security & Preparedness Bill”

Delegate Carl Slater is sponsoring Legislation 0056-20, support of Tribal Public Health Security & Preparedness Bill.

DELEGATE CROTTY Ask David Nez provide info since he is Incident Commander for Navajo Nation Public Health Emergency. What does public health need since in emergency? There are strike team involving CHR, first responders, etc. What do you need to protect our people from virus, Mr. Nez?

DAVID NEZ Established Feb. 27 activated and health workers already in field working with seniors and families. March 11 declaration initiated full operation. Have five teams, with ten to 30 health workers such as CHRs, diabetes, behavioral health. And working with hospital on any flue symtoms to report. These teams using social distance to contact our family members. What needed at moment is health workers in field need protection equipment when come into contact N95 mask, surgical gloves and maybe hosptial gowwn. Cases being reported now that are closer to Navajo Nation so our workers need protection.

DELEGATE ELMER BEGAY Where can we include respect for Navajo laws, such as Navajo preference in employment. EPA kept billions of dollars for uranium cleanup and hired own contractors. But Navajo has own contractors. We are supporting them but not saying they should support Navajo law.

DELEGATE DANIEL TSO This just supporting bill that has not been enacted so not put requirements on bill that has not been approved. Once get money then can start imposing Navajo law. Supporting S.3486

AMENDMENT 1, which is for Council and not Naabik’iyati approve Council support of Sen. Udall’s bill “Tribal Public Health Security & Preparedness.” Vote is 19 in favor and zero opposed.

COUNCIL VOTING ON LEGISLATION 0056-20. it is now 6:26 pm. VOTE is 18 in favor, zero opposed.

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