Navajo Council Resources & Development Committee opposes Rescinding of its Subcommittee on URI/HRI

The Navajo Council Resources and Development Committee came out of executive session at about 4:11 p.m. and RDC Chairperson Katherine Benally immediately called for a vote on Legislation 0104-14, which was to rescind RDCD-69-13, which created a Subcommittee to draft an agreement between URI/HRI and the Navajo Nation for URI/HRI to operate an In-Situ Uranium Mining Demonstration Project near Church Rock, N.M. THE VOTE WAS 2 IN FAVOR, 3 OPPOSED.

After the vote, RDC Chairperson Katherine Benally announced that the RDC Subcommittee was “intact.”

The RDC then went back to report on Canyon de Chelly Antelope House and RDC directed Navajo Parks and Recreation Department to meet with family regarding guided tours of canyon.

RDC now on Legislation 0164-14: Legislation 0164-14: An Act relating to Resources and Development; approving the granting of a Right-of-Way to Navajo Tribal Utility Authority to construct, operate and maintain the “Kayenta IHS gas line” located on Navajo Nation trust lands within Kayenta Township Project (Navajo County, Arizona) Sponsor: Hon. Katherine Benally, Council Delegate

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