Navajo Council meets 11.16.22 to Complete Speaker Seth Damon Removal

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans, The Navajo Nation Council is meeting to select a new speaker Wednesday, Nov. 16, which completes the Nov 4 resignation of Speaker Seth Damon for being publicly intoxicated in a Las Vegas casino during the Indian National Finals Rodeo in November.

According to Wednesday’s proposed Navajo Council agenda, the only item on the agenda is Legislation 0219-22, which is for “selecting and confirming the speaker of the 24th Navajo Nation Council for the remainder of the term.”

And according to 021-22, Health, Education and Human Services Committee member Eugene Tso, the main sponsor, and co-sponsor, HEHS Chairman Daniel Tso, dropped 0219-22 into the legislative process on Nov. 8, where it was electronically posted to the Navajo Council website for a five-day public comment, which ended Sunday, Nov. 13.

The legislative stamp on 0219-22 showed it became eligible for Navajo Council action on Monday, Nov. 14. But public comment on any legislation is open until final action is taken on legislation, which means public comments on 0219-22 can be submitted to the Navajo Council’s Office of Legislative Services until the Navajo Council takes final action on it on Nov. 16, Wednesday.

According to legislative services, Public Comments may be submitted to

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