Navajo Council Delegate Tom Chee says, “There is no such thing as a bad teenager. There is only bad parenting, particularly if you are a father.”

here at Navajo Council special session in the Council chambers in Window Rock, Ariz.

The Council convened at 10:40 a.m. Innovation was done by Council Delegate Nelson BeGaye. Delegates then started making community announcements and introductions of community people.

we go to chambers and veterans never recognized. i thought about that and it’s true. so for all veterans that have served, plez stand and be recognized. (Veterans stand and council stands to honor them)

applaud your effort to bring solution to crisis. appreciate Election Board that was removed. they continue to believe in their cause. they are former delegate Wallace Charley and colleagues. and i’d like to remember US Supreme Court decision regarding Bush and Gore election…uphold legal rights of american citizens and no infringement of rights of its people. and we are in the same frame. we have supreme court that is infringing on some of our people’s rights. efforts shown by this crowd believe in that principle and that is part of what veterans fought for. (people in gallery applause)

And it is true that many of our veterans are not recognized.

i have folks from back home also here.

recognize strong advocate for elders and we elected him as board member. he is Norman L. Begay of Lukachukai.

We need to be occasionally reminded to have respect in kinship and that is in our traditional teachings. so i thank Dennehotso chapter staff, Mr. Tinhorn and Mariah Cly. Ms Cly is there early at chapter and she raises flag. she is also a mother and supports her children in sports. as navajo leaders we shud support our students. i have met students from everywhere and they want us to attend their schools in Phx, Alb, Salt Lake. Their counselors have asked us to tour facilities. first 40 days is when highest drop rate occurs cuz of cultural shock. so i challenge colleagues that where ever we travel to visit with the students, and not just Navajo students. when i was in santa fe, nm, i visited Institute of American Indian Arts. we shud also welcome home all our veterans and acknowledge active military people.

we also need to recognize our presidential candidates, Joe Shirley Jr. and Russell Begaye. we need to watch our behavior and our language. our children are watching us.

commend speaker’s office on gaming compact which will provide jobs. i too want to recognize officials from ganado which Delegate Alton Shepherd did. thank you to Delegate Begaye for his prayer.

i also want to say, as a young person, if you lose your parent at young age, you observe your elders, uncles and that is how you build your leadership. fathers have two times more influence over children than moms. the fatherlessness existing on reservation results from lack of jobs on reservation. we need to bring economic development to reservation.

recognize san juan commissioner wallace charley, who oversees citizens of san juan county, nm. Also recognize Wallace McGilbert, a former community leader. and when there are discrepancies in navajo leadership, these leaders step forward with wisdom for council on how to address.

my colleague, Amber Crottey, forgot to recognize Claudia Jackson, who work with youth development in Dilkon, Ariz. All these years i have worked with youth and coach, there is no such thing as bad teenagers. there is only bad parenting, particularly if you are a father.

It is now 12:05 p.m.

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