Navajo Council Delegate Leonard Pete says he wish he could pour water on Chief Justice

Council continues to debate Legislation No. 0313-14: Relating to Budget and Finance Committee and Naabik’iyati’ and Navajo Nation Council; Amending Budget Resolution CS-46-14 and Approving the Reallocation of $243,728.00 of Fiscal Year 2015 General Funds to the Office of Legislative Services (Business Unit 101019) from General Fund Revenue Account
Sponsors: Honorable Alton Joe Shepherd, Honorable Jonathan L. Hale)

we are talking about $317,000 but there is a different amount in Legislation

we all recognize that there is need to fund election but here we are throwing everything into this issue of the need for an election. the election office is under legislative branch. yesterday we had long discussion about balance in reserves and the need to fund chapter projects with the reserves. but the legislative branch has those funds available.

let the healing start. the council is also part of the blame for the election turmoil. Mr. Wauneka said there is no money. $1.7 million was line item vetoed and so there are funds available. so if you want to have election in future, this is best remedy. let election office start planning for new election down the road if we all decide on that. if not, then we just give to new council and they will be trying to find funds.

i agree it’s simple. we had election but candidates disqualified. and what we are doing is compromising principles. here is power to the purse, the money and to deliver that message and maintain power, there is upcoming legislation that would not compromise powers. we have three branch government and that legislation

Legislative Branch creates law, Executive Branch enforces law, Judicial Branch interprets laws. there are a lot of people disappointed and they want to participate but they are disenfranchised.

i’m sure he wants to go across the street to veto all legislation from Delegate Leonard Tsosie. WE don’t deny that money needed but there are so many election issues so let us resolve those before funding election. i totally agree with Delegate Smith that the power of the Council is the purse strings. and Chief Justice may have made himself Election Board. And Chief Justice had no power to order Controller around. it is time to assert the power of the Legislative Branch.

thank you Delegate Smith for pointing out that passage of this Amendment 2 would compromise Council. I was ready to offer a compromise to Mr. Wauneka to add line for Write-In Candidate for special presidential election. Otherwise the newly elected president will always be under a big question. I don’t have problem with presidential candidate Russell Begaye but I can’t say the same about presidential candidate Joe Shirley Jr.

Put in Write-In and I’ll be fine with this appropriation.

i wish i could be able to wash my hand in basin and pour over Chief Justice and say it’s all your fault. I don’t think he wrote the election law. WE are the governing body. the council may have created election law but i think it is important that we review the election law again. when we talk about respect, we talk about Ke’. regarding election, council is partially to blame.

I agree that we shouldn’t cover up Chief Justice’s mistakes.

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