Navajo Council Budget & Finance Committee hears ARPA & Hardship Assistance Update, 7.5.22

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans, If you missed the 7.5.22 Budget & Finance Committee meetings or other meetings of the Navajo Council and its standing committees, you can still hear and possibly watch the meeting of your choice because all the meetings are recorded and accessible at:

Livestream will be available online at:
NNC Facebook:

Via Teleconference: 669 900-6833
Zoom meeting ID: 232 628 2566
Passcode: 86515
Presiding: Jamie Henio, Chairperson, Raymond Smith, Jr., Vice Chairperson
Place: Via Telecommunications, Window Rock, Navajo Nation
Members Present:
x_ _ Elmer P. Begay _x_ _ Jamie Henio x _ Nathaniel Brown _ Raymond Smith, Jr. excused
_ Amber K. Crotty _x_ _ Jimmy Yellowhair

  1. Call the Meeting to Order; the Roll Call; the Invocation;
  2. Recognize Guests and Visiting Officials
  3. Review and Adopt the Agenda
    M: Nathaniel Brown S: Jimmy Yellowhair Vote: 4-0 Yeas: JY AC NB EPB; RS excused with one amendment
    Amendment 1 Add Budget report from Veterans Department Manager M: Amber Crotty S: Elmer P. Begay V: 4-0 Y: JY AC NB EPB; RS excused
  4. Review and Adopt the Journal: June 7, 2022
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
  5. Receive Reports:
    a. USDA NRCS Funding Opportunities for Agricultural Producers and Tribal Governments – presented by Keisha Tatem, State Conservationist, Phoenix Office, USDA
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
    b. FRF update – presented by Tom Platero, Director, Fiscal Recovery Fund Office
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
    • CJY-41-21 FRF Directives
    c. Update on the FY23 Budget Process – presented by Dominic Beyal, Director, Office of Management & Budget
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
    d. Update on the ARPA Hardship Assistance program – presented by Elizabeth Begay, Interim Controller, Office of the Controller
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
    e. Update on the Veterans Department Budget presented by James Zweirlein, Director, Veterans Administration Department
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
  6. Old Business: none
  7. New Business:
    a. Legislation No. 0075-22: An Act Relating to the Budget and Finance, Resources and Development, Health, Education and Human Services, and Naabik’íyáti’ Committees, and to the Navajo Nation Council; Allocating $10,000,000 from the Síhasin Fund to Establish a New Outdoor Recreation Fund for the Navajo Nation Sponsored by Carl R. Slater, Council Delegate
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
    b. Legislation No. 103-22: An Act Relating to the Resources and Development, Budget and Finance Committees; Approving a Change to CAP-35-18 for the Mexican Springs Chapter by Deleting the “Road Maintenance, Culverts, and Bridges” Project and Adding the “Road Improvement-Badger Loop” Project, in Funding Year 1, with No Change in the Original Funding Amount Sponsored by Pernell Halona, Council Delegate
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
    c. Scheduling a Joint meeting with the Resources & Development Committee related to U. S. Treasury Funding for Housing and the Emergency Rental Assistance Funding discussion with the Navajo Housing Authority
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
  8. Close of the Session; Written Announcements; Adjournment
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
    Next Meeting: July 12, 2022
    THIS AGENDA IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. The public is advised that the Navajo Nation Council Agenda and the Agendas of the Standing Committees are not final until adopted by a majority vote of the Navajo Nation Council or the Standing Committee at a Navajo Nation Council or a Standing Committee meeting pursuant to 2 N.N.C. §§163 and 183, Navajo Nation Council Rule of Order

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