Leadership Meeting on Navajo Nation Burial/Cemetary Policy, 9 am, 3.5.21

Ya’at’eeh Abini Relatives/Frens/Humans, The Navajo Nation Council Resources & Development Committee is having a LEADERSHIP meeting and Round Table Discussion on the Navajo Nation Burial/Cemetery Policy today, 3.5.21, starting at 9 am.

The Council and its other standing committee have heard reports regarding outlandish fees for burial plots, people scattering ashes of deceased individuals on the Navajo Nation, people burying their loved one on their land/not in a cemetery, and cemeteries filled to capacity.

To attend the Resources & Development Committee via TELECONFERENCE, please CALL (669) 900-6833. You will hear voice prompters asking for MEETING ID NUMBER: 732 628 2566 and PASSCODE: 86515. And Remember, Please MUTE your phone. Ahe’hee

PS – The term Leadership Meeting is just a glorified description for a Work Session that is not a Work Session…Not sure why former Speaker LoRenzo Bates and the former Council came up with Leadership Meetings, which I still have a problem with because before the Pandemic, legislative services was not posting the scheduling of Leadership Meetings on the Council meeting website: http://www.navajonationcouncil.org/meetings.html But now Leadership Meetings are being Posted.

With Navajo Nation Land Department and NN Department of Justice and Others
Teleconferencing Meeting
March 5, 2021 – 9:00 A.M.
MEETING ID NUMBER: 732 628 2566
PRESIDING: Rickie Nez, Chairperson
Thomas Walker, Jr., Vice-Chairperson

  1. Call Leadership Meeting to Order; Invocation;
    ( ) Rickie Nez Location: ________
    ( ) Wilson Stewart, Jr. Location: ________
    ( ) Thomas Walker, Jr. Location: ________
    ( ) Herman M. Daniels Location: ________
    ( ) Mark Freeland Location: ________
    ( ) Kee Allen Begay, Jr. Location: ________
  2. Recognizing Guests and Visiting Officials:
  3. Purpose of the leadership meeting: The Committee will review the proposed “Navajo Nation Burial/Cemetery Policy” and have a round table discussions with DNR, Navajo Nation Land Department, Historic Preservation, DRE, DCD and NNDOJ:
    Participants for discussions:
     Navajo Nation Land Department;
     Division of Natural Resources;
     Navajo Nation Land Department;
     Historic Preservation;
     Department of Agriculture
     Department of Resources Enforcement;
     Division of Community Development;
     Other concerns
  4. Recommendations; Follow-up meetings:
  5. Conclusion of meeting and adjournment

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