Navajo Council Delegate Charles Damon says Instead of prioritizing housing for elders and veterans, make housing for everyone

Navajo Council now on Legislation No. 0355-14: Relating to Law and Order, Budget and Finance, and Naabik’iyati’ Committees, and Navajo Nation Council; Enacting “The Navajo Nation Trust Settlement Act of 2014” by Amending Title 12 of the Navajo Nation Code and Establishing “The Sihasin Fund” to include those Settlement Monies received from the United States through Settlement of Navajo Nation V. United States, No. 06-945L, and those Monies received through Future Settlement or Judgment of Other Litigation brought against the United States for is Failure to Ensure that the Navajo Nation Receives All Funding Owed TO it VIA The United States’ Trust and Fuduciary Responsibilities to the Navajo Nation
(Sponsor: Honorable Lorenzo Curley)

Thank you Delegate Curley. it is true that there have been many hearings on recommendation on how to use $554 million settlement. My amendment is to make housing for elders and veterans a priority. SECONDED BY DELEGATE ROLAND TSO

I guess if we just want to identify certain populations. We just a nice college graduation and was pleased that graduate asked for elders to go first. I was talking with Dr. Lamont about Headstart and the Headstart facility was finally reopened. and if target certain population then i speak up for disabled. if you are going to be leader these are people to speak up for. in the Bible it states that widows and disabled not be forgotten and so we should not target certain populations.

a lot of people helped secure these funds. but did Controller Mark Grant deposit these funds. And there are young families that are trying to return home and they need housing. This amendment is well intended but we need to make an analysis.

About $22 million of this settlement has been set aside for Veterans Trust fund and so does this amendment include that funding. And will elders be served with a portion of the $22 million?

I’m pleased that there is housing for veterans and elders but they need to be scrutinzed before receiving funding. i know for fact that when elders receive house that children kind of boot out elderly. they kind of take over. they fight over it. abandon it. vandalize it. it becomes a nusance. considering who is going to get house, stability needs to be part of that consideration. some just go on drugs. housing is getting abused.

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