Help with Rent for Enrolled Navajos Available, 1.5.22

According to Navajo Nation Council Health, Education & Human Services Committee Chairman Daniel Tso, this Rental help program is for Navajo People living on or off the Navajo Nation. Please share this with people who are paying rent. Remember people living off the Navajo Nation are eligible.

This is the website address for the “Navajo Rent Help:

And the following is some of the information that can be found on the Navajo Rent Help page. You can also subscribe to a Navajo Rent Help newsletter.

What assistance is provided?
The Program can assist with all payments associated with a rental unit.

Assistance with renta payments, past due, and/or future payments.

Assistance with utility payments, past due and/or current payment. Electricity, gas, water and sewage, fuel oil, utilities that are paid by the landlord will be treated as rent.

Much More
Must be related to housing and be in-curred directly or indirectly due to COVID-19, such as: relocation expenses, rental fees, reasonable accrued late fees, inter services – vital to distance learning, telemedicine, government services, lease to purchase rents, motel/hotel rental costs, moblie home rental space/lot payments, eviction fee, late fee, case by case situation payments.

Before you fill out the application please make sure you meet the following eligibility requirements.

Applicants to this program have to be a renter with a rental agreement.

The applicant has to be an enrolled tribal member of the Navajo Nation.

The program is available to applicants living on or off the reservation.

Must be at 80% or below area median income (County’s income limits)

Your income has been affected by COVID-19 pandemic related situation.

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