Delegate LoRenzo Bates nominated to continue as speaker pro tem

The 23rd Navajo Nation Council is holding its first special session. After invocation and introductions, the Council took up its first legislation, which is to elect a speaker pro tem.

Delegate Davis Filfred is nominating Speaker Pro Tem LoRenzo Bates because Bates is serving his fourth term as a delegate and knows the Council floor rules.
Delegate Leonard Tsosie seconds Filfred’s nomination.

Since Bates is pro tem and he’s been nominating to continue as delegate, he calls for a delegate to preside over 23rd Council during election of speaker pro tem. Delegate Mel Begay, a returning delegate, is chosen to preside over election of speaker pro tem.

Delegate Kee Allen Begay asks if Bates is willing to serve as pro tem for two weeks, which would be the beginning of the Council’s Winter Session. And the pro tem may be interested in being candidate for speaker at that time. So I’d like to ask Bates if he’s willing to be pro tem.

Speaker Pro Tem Mel Begay asks the Council if there are any other nominations.

Delegate Leonard Tsosie pleads with the Council to continue with only Bates’ nomination. Yesterday, I looked forward to coming to work as a Delegate and then I was served with legal document that has been filed against Council. Bates is aware of legal challenges facing Council. And the New Mexico State Legislature is in session and Bates is very familiar with gaming issues so I ask that the Council move forward with Bates’ nomination.

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