Big corporations have a lot of money for scholarships
January 6, 2014 Professional Journal


I remember when we, as children, wud be punished for speaking our language with lye soap put into our mouths. And as we talk about BHP, I ask where we will get scholarships for our students. BHP helped 40 of our students. Students are always asking for money. Big corporations have a lot of money and because of that San Juan County is getting a lot of money so we will have a bond sale so schools like CCSD (Central Consolidated School District) will be improved. What are we going to do with the money. I am over 60 years old. Where are my grandchildren going to find money to go to school, I wonder. You probably wonder too. Don’t just think about your selves. We are speaking for the youth. Every year a lot of college students enter the field of science and they really know about science. Where are they? they are not living here. They don’t live here because they can’t find jobs and homes. We only have jobs at Public Health and Bureau of Indian Affairs.


Long time ago, there was protest here at Fairchilds and that is when I was here. At that time there were many of us, elders with white hair. I come when important things are discussed. Back in the 60s, we think about the coal mines and our kids. 50 years ago it was different. From across the ocean, corporations took over. they pushed us over and our leaders aligned themselves with them. So we are sitting on top of the coal. We say protection prayers. Our hearts are burning. they are scrambling our lives and putting it in pieces. It’s something that worries us. Get up before dawn, and go follow sheep without shoes and that is what they call Navajo. And you sitting at front, you spoke for us. At this time, a lot of our young pple are unable to do what you did. The kids don’t know how to be concerned about real issues because they are involved in technology.

All is good, my chapter officials. Mr. Yazzie, you showed leadership at Council as they already planned BHP and you knew about the people’s concerns about what the Council was planning with BHP. The people in Window Rock are not concerned about us. All the veterans needs to be heard but what are we going to say. There are laws and this resolution will be our voice. They may not respond but we have this resolution. And we will remember the people that helped us.

I appreciate what Mr. Yazzie did. You have more power than you think if you stand together. These corporations come out and speak good and you think they are doing good but they are not. Take care of your children’s future. Stand together. We need to help each other. From Becenti Chapter, we passed resolution for people to make decisions in their communities because they are the ones that will be impacted by coal and uranium activities. You have good leaders here. Support them and others will join.

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