$600M Protest, 9 am – 11 am, Navajo Museum, Window Rock, Az., 7.10.20

This is from Diné Introspective Website (http://dineintrospective.life/): Diné Introspective promotes mental, physical, spiritual wellbeing, and environmental issues surrounding our local communities to increase intellectual health awareness between self-reliance and living a healthy lifestyle (Yå’åtéehgo jiinå).

Some of the services provided by Diné Introspective include:

Father’s Circle
Harmonious opportunity for male role models, and all who identify as male, to engage in what it means to live a resilient life-style. Social discussions of the environment and personal perspectives are shared among the participants. Our main goal is to connect adolescents to interact with experienced fathers to promote a positive impact with children and the community.

Womxn’s Circle
A safe and empowering space to talk with one another about life, shared experiences, and knowledge. To keep this a safe circle, this circle is open to those who identifies as indigenous people and able to hold space for all genders (two-spirited/queer/trans/gender) non-conforming within the circle.

Enchant The Environment
Experience the physical and spiritual connection between self and organic plants. Construction of green houses, gardens, and farms to practice agriculture. The collection of green conscience abilities allow permaculture to be a healthy lifestyle. Outdoor therapy, food sovereignty, and abundant living is key aspect of Enchant the Environment.

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