Navajo Council nominates Delegates Bates and Kee Allen Begay to be Speaker Pro Tem
January 13, 2015 Professional Journal

The 23rd Navajo Nation Council is holding its first special session. After invocation and introductions, the Council took up its first legislation, which is to elect a speaker pro tem.

Delegate Davis Filfred refuses to withdraw his amendment to nominate Delegate LoRenzo Bates.

Speaker Pro Tem Mel Begay explains to Filfred that as long as there is an amendment on the Council floor, the Council cannot make nominations for speaker pro tem.

Filfred says that he’ll maintain his nomination for Bates because he is very knowledgeable about Council floor rules, Legislative Branch and the New Mexico State Legislature.

POINT OF ORDER called by Delegate Walter Phelps, who asks Speaker Pro Tem Mel Begay if Delegate Leonard Tsosie withdrew his second.

Speaker Pro Tem Begay says that he read Tsosie’s mind and he withdrew.

Delegate Dwight Witherspoon nominate Delegate Kee Allen Begay, who is asked if he accepts the nomination and he says yes.

Delegate LoRenzo Bates is asked if he accepts nomination and he says yes.

Delegate Otto Tso nominates Tom Chee, who is asked if he accepts nomination. He says no. He says that when go to traditional ceremony, there are apprentices and you can tell the difference between the hatathli and apprentice. And my constituents advised me not to become speaker. But after this special session, I will ask my constituents if I should.

VOTE TO CLOSE NOMINATION, 21 in favor, 2 opposed
Candidates are being allowed time to present platform but sponsor, Delegate Edmund Yazzie, says that the speaker pro tem is serving for two week and so limit presentations to two minutes.

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