23rd Navajo Nation Council take oath of office

Here at Inauguration of 23rd Navajo Nation Council, Navajo Board of Election Supervisors, and Navajo Board of Education at the Window Rock High School Fighting Scouts Events Center in Fort Defiance, Ariz.

Navajo Nation Judge Victoria R. Yazzie finished giving the oath of office to the 23rd Navajo Nation Council. Before the giving the oath to the Council, Yazzie held up an eagle feather and explained that the feather was for protection, the same as an arrowhead and corn pollen.

“This is the feather of wisdom to use for oath of office,” she said.

Navajo Nation Judge Allen Sloan gave the oath of office for the Navajo Board of Election Supervisors.

Navajo Nation Judge Malcolm P. Begay gave the oath of office to the Navajo Board of Education.

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